Ilana Charnelle: A Class Act

Who is Ilana Charnelle? It might be sex, cigarettes, lingerie, gin and speakeasies – but it’s also pure class. Forget skinny jeans, autotune and iPhones. It’s time for vintage glamour and old fashioned romance from the golden age of entertainment.

After channelling Judy Garland and David Bowie for ACMI, amassing over 200,000 views on YouTube, and headlining a plethora of underground Melbourne institutions including Burlesque Bar, Speakeasy HQ, and Red Bennies, Ilana Charnelle premieres A Class Act – her debut solo cabaret.

Scored by a suite of enchanting original songs, and musical director savant dandy Ned Dixon, A Class Act is a heartbreaking, honest and ultimately empowering hour of cabaret.

'...perfected the magical art of fusing musical performance with a theatricality that is both vulnerable and filled with fun' – Maggie Journal

Photo by Sophie Caligari.

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