The reviews are in and they're smashing -

"...the absolute must-see is New Yorker Amy G, in Entershamement, an audacious, blindingly skillful and achingly funny show that incorporates slapstick, roller-skating, impressive vocals and a titillating blend of glamour and wickedness" - The Herald Sun

"Touring from the US, Amy G gave us a taste of Entershamement, which has just wowed audiences at Adelaide's Cabaret Festival. Easy to see why. She's the kind of superb variety performer who can – and will – do almost anything to amuse an audience. Give Shirley Bassey a run for her money? Check. Sing Sweet Georgia Brown on roller-skates, ukulele in hand? Check. Toot out patriotic songs with a kazoo up her bajingo? You betcha" - The Age


You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, sometimes at the same time! Brooklyn’s Amy G is a mad mash-up of physical, musical, stand-up and improvisational comedy that will leave you in absolute stitches.

Inspired by Carol Burnett, Liza Minelli, Buster Keaton, Julie Andrews and even The Muppet Show, Entershamement is slapstick Diva heaven, full of hilarious song-and-dance numbers, roller-skates, a live chicken, and genuine human frailty. Amy G is comedy gold with a golden voice.

That’s Entershamement!

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