Imagine you pulled yourself out of a sea of mediocrity, becoming the Herald Sun’s "It Boy of theatre". Congratulations! You did it! Only the island you’re on has no resources. Like, actually nothing. How do you win now, genius? Audition for a reality show? Befriend a coconut? Does it take more than a selfie at Cate Blanchett’s house to be a winner? (because I totally did that – and YES, she’s in the shot.)

Taking aim at himself and those much more traditionally ‘talented’, Ash Flanders invites you to question what makes a winner in this bloodsport called LIFE. Come, if only to feel infinitely superior.

Winner – Green Room Award – Best Writing in Cabaret.

"Equal parts Dolly Parton, Liberace and John Waters, Flanders again proves himself an obscenely funny and enviably talented performer" – The Age

Directed by Stephen Nicolazzo

Musical direction by David Barclay