Geraldine Quinn in
Bang On The Strillers
The Live Variety Jamboree

After a raucous live season in January, the 'Bang On The Strillers' variety jamboree is on at Melbourne Cabaret Festival for one night only. 

Rock cabaret singer-songwriter Geraldine Quinn began 'Bang On The Strillers' in late 2015 as a behind-the-scenes cabaret podcast chat with some of the best performers in the intertwined cabaret, drag and burlesque genres. Past podcast guests have so far included Alexis Dubus (UK), Matt Gilbertson, Gillian Cosgriff, Wes Snelling, Jude Perl, Queenie van de Zandt, Michael Dalton and Melbourne Cabaret Festival Artistic Director Mike McLeish. 

Imagine Dinah Shore duetting with Carol Burnett while Patti Smith stage-invades. Featuring guests from across the festival, join Quinn and company for this special cabaret podcast event.

Twitter: @bangotstrillers

Photo by Sarah Walker.