Tiffany (Judy Hainsworth) and Kendall (Kaitlin Oliver Parker) are a trust fund princess and day-drinking trophy wife from the suburbs of Brisbane. And since their first taste of success with #FirstWorldWhiteGirls, they're now on a mission to let the world know that first world problems are real problems! Yes! With great fame comes great responsibility.

So join Tiffany and Kendall as they delve into the trauma of living in the first world – dealing with kale shortages, un-bespoke furniture, battling FOMO and in times of crisis, asking themselves, What Would Kim Kardashian Do?

Bring your privileged selves to their den of entitlement to laugh, vent and share each other's first world pain. Politically incorrect and outrageously funny, this is a must-see for anyone who has been too cold with the aircon on, but too hot with it off.

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