Melbourne is one of the most vibrant cities for art & live performance in the world, and one of the last places where you can still stumble into a small piano lounge at 3am and drink a whiskey neat while listening to exquisitely talented singers. The Late Night Jazz Cabaret is presentation of five of the most vivid and entertaining late night crooners and musical acts in the country today. Presenting the First Lady of Postmodern Jukebox, Minnie Andrews with her deep crooning of modern day classics, 16 year old piano prodigy Dr Max, “Cabaret Star” (the Age) and Australia’s most impressive Edith Piaf tribute artist, Jem ‘Appelle; accompanied by novelty ukulele sensation Ukulele Will, and Australia’s best known crooner, and the master of Sinatra, Roy Maloy, the Late Night Jazz Cabaret is a one night only spectacular.

The Late Night Jazz Cabaret is more than just a stunning performance. The performance has been orchestrated as a fundraising event to help a Melbourne theatre recover from fire that threatened to close it earlier this year. All artists participating in the Late Night Jazz Cabaret have donated their time as a direct response to the traumatic events that saw Australia’s only vaudeville theatre, Speakeasy HQ partially destroyed by fire. In March 2018 The Bordello Theatre at Speakeasy HQ was gutted by fire, leaving its owners and management struggling to stay afloat. The Melbourne Cabaret Festival and all contributing artists have donated the full proceedings of the Late Night Jazz Cabaret to assist Speakeasy HQ recover some of their losses from the terrible blaze. As our audience you will not only be enjoying one of the most mesmerising performances on a long time, but you will also be directly helping to rebuild part of Melbourne’s cherished live art culture, and for that we thank you.