Ljubičica – Wild Violet tells the story of a Croatian girl growing up in a remote rustic village and her journey to Australia. Her bloodlines, memories and identity are woven into the haunting and jubilant gypsy music of her past. The beauty and resilience of the wild violet becomes the enduring symbol of her family’s journey.

Winner: Best Music Award – Sydney Fringe 2015

'One of the best pieces of theatre I have ever seen' – The Buzz From Sydney

'From the moment Josipa Draisma enters the stage she is captivating, singing with passion and poise, achieving a hypnotic mastery over the audience’ – Theatre Now

'This bitter-sweet show strikes a thoughtful balance between biography and entertainment...A delightful insight into one of our many migrant experiences with a special poignancy that arises uniquely from true stories' – Suzy Go See

Starring Josipa Draisma
Written/Directed by Melita Rowston
Violin/Guitar: Michael O'Donnell
Vocals: Mara Knezevic

Performer website: www.josipadraisma.com
Facebook: josipa.draisma
Twitter: @josipadraisma
Instagram: @josipadraisma