Moving to Mars featuring Steve Blackburn and his band.

What drives someone to leave our planet Earth, to even contemplate life on a barren lifeless planet that only appears on a chocolate wrapper, or a B grade movie or the NASA website?

Is it schadenfreude, mining moguls, inequality, surgical tourism, the havoc of climate change or the fruitless search for hipness? What’s up here? This musical/satirical journey takes unexpected turns into no-go zones and Steve Blackburn will lead you through it with his cerebral slapstick, prodigious rhyming and beguiling melodies.

Steve is well known for his comedy on Fast Forward and Australia You’re Standing In It. Now he stretches out musically and puts his comedy to jazz, euro-cabaret, country, Latin and hybrid rhythms accompanied by piano, drums, bass, accordion, drums, castanets and an inter-stellar band. Book a seat and get on board. You’ll love to like “Moving To Mars”.

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