The Age: "a charming, eccentric mix of silent clowning, stage magic and vocal splendour that channelled the danger and daring of cabaret at its finest"

The Herald Sun: "Pisca is a mesmerising and accomplished performer who almost defies description with his birdlike posture, white-feathered costume and quirky, physical clowning interspersed with eccentric singing"

It's cabaret on quack.

Pisca was born to be a duck. He’s just not good at it.

Through a combination of clowning, physical theatre, audience interaction, illusion and impeckable timing, this show will duck dive deep into the exploration of Pisca’s life, and his desperate search to find what he’s good for. Waddle he do?

Performed by Cameron Taylor.

"Of the great performers from the opening night gala the standouts were many but most memorable were Pisca (Cameron Taylor) whose unique cabaret style mixed with physical theatre is one to leave the audience mesmerised and begging for more." -