Anya Anastasia in
Rogue Romantic
Serenades from a Delinquent Diva.

World premiere following Anastasia’s award winning show ‘Torte E Mort’.

Divine on stage, clumsy in love. What does a human statue hear in the streets? What happens when romance finds you everywhere but follows you nowhere? What happens when an artist compulsively creates alter-egos that ward off the things she so deeply desires? Might her creations grow so strong that they consume her?

Peer behind the tents of the Carnival; see the creator arguing with the creation in the wings. Beware the oft-miscalculated serenades that may occur right on your seat.

With a twisted and incorrigible sense of humour, Anya is at odds with the opinions of her stage persona but together they un-pick the intricacies of our desires and contradictions.

"You could be a pop superstar if you weren’t so weird” – a singing teacher.
“Anya Anastasia is a major MAJOR talent” – Stage Whispers

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