Someone's Daughter is Alyce Platt's exploration of the disquieting and electrifying side of one woman's shadow, her upside down. Unapologetically telling tales of growing up in the suburbs, the cowboys in the attic, being a TV star of the 80s, getting caught shoplifting, wearing the wrong jacket to a party and the sailors who dance.

Classic pop songs blend seamlessly with compelling originals, unabashedly shining light on her dark side, tripping over obstacles of self-doubt and paranoia, exploring the curious and heightened imaginings of what it is to be in this funny little world of make-believe. 

“Alyces songs are special and she delivers em in a very compelling manner often staring out at the audience with the gaze of a dazzled innocent. … The words and the singing all added up to a rather enchanted evening… I was thoroughly bewitched by the wonderful music and the door it opened into a very cool and groovy world” - Steve Kilbey [The Church]

“Platt … indie chanteuse, an expressive singer and clever pop songwriter” – Jeff Jenkins, Rock music journalist

Band: Accompanying Alyce is her band, The Fish-shop Collective - a diverse roster of Melbourne’s elite musicians:
Peter Farnan – Guitar
Clare Moore – Drums
Steve Paix – Keyboards, Sax and Melodeon
Frank Di Sario – Double Bass

Dramaturge – Katy Maudlin

Cowboys In The Attic -
Amsterdam -