Rod Davies in That 70s Child

THAT 70s CHILD is a nostalgic look at an era when ‘life and music’ was very different to today.

From Sunday morning Salvo hymns to a secret stash of ‘devil’s music’, life and music intertwined in a strangely innocent way!

Rod Davies’ voice is recognisable from thousands of television and radio performances; Dancing with the Stars (all 15 seasons!), Hey Hey it’s Saturday and of course the Good Guys ad.

In That 70s Child, Davies re-lives his musical experiences to an accompanying soundtrack that you’re sure to know and love – whether you were lucky enough to live though it or not… the 1970s that is… you’ll definitely live through the show!

“It wasn’t just the emotion of being transported back to the ‘70s – it was the pure beauty of a voice from a man who can really sing. REALLY sing” – the Clothesline

"A lot of laugh-out-loud funny moments – mostly at his own expense. Well, his and Rolf Harris's" – Adelaide Theatre Guide

"As a 20-something, That 70s Child was an enjoyable journey to a decade I wish I'd been around for" – Adelaide Advertiser

Directed by Geoff Paine.
Photo by Ashley Davies.

Performer website:
Twitter: @that_70s_child
Instagram: @that.70s.child