Woody's World:
The Good Morning Kids Show

Woody's World has been delighting audiences at festivals and events around the nation.

‘The Good Morning Kids Show’, a sell out at The Melbourne Recital Centre, is a magical place where alley cats sing and dance, mice invite you in for a cup of tea and farm animals gather together for a bush dance. Woody performs with his own children, jazz virtuoso Hue Blanes and puppeteer David Splatt.

Woody’s World celebrates life, with original songs written by Woody and his kids, enchanting stories and fabulous puppets. The Show is highly interactive and fun for the whole family, with antics that keep kids and parents totally enthralled. Laughing, dancing, singing and snake handling guaranteed!

'I have not seen a better show for children...the fun was non-stop! Mums and Dads smiled and laughed throughout.'

Show website: http://www.woodysworld.com.au/
Youtube: Channel Link