ANY MOMENT: a new musical by Bradley McCaw6:30pm, Tue 25 and Wed 26 June

ANY MOMENT: a new musical by Bradley McCaw

The Concept Performance

Celebrating the release of the ANY MOMENT ‘Studio Concept Recording’, Melbourne will get the exclusive first look at a new work from award winning writer / performer Bradley McCaw. Featuring an all-star cast including John O’Hara (School of Rock, #VAL) and Helpmann winner Kerrie-Anne Greenland (Les Miserables, Pictures) and the writer himself, Bradley McCaw (Becoming Bill).

Set over the course of 24 hours, the work begins at Midnight on New Years Eve, and moves throughout a single town, hearing stories from various individuals, as the clock tumbles toward Midnight and a New Year. Inspired by hit musicals like 'Songs for A New World,' and 'Closer Than Ever,’ ANY MOMENT is proof of the new generation of Australia writers and artists bringing exciting world class independent works to stage here. Come and see it for yourself! FIRST. Before New York & London.

Musical Direction by Shannon Whitelock